Desk 'Owlet' #3
Desk 'Owlet' #1
Desk 'Owlet' #2
Desk 'Owlet' #4

Desk 'Owlet'

SKU 04-030
Desk 'Owlet' #3
Desk 'Owlet' #1
Desk 'Owlet' #2
Desk 'Owlet' #4

Material - wood beech

The coating is a mixture of natural oils and waxes.

Laser drawing.

The desk has a countertop size of 700x500 and a height of 510 to 810 mm.

The chair size of the seat-340x310 is a height from 265 to 340 mm.

Products in disassembled form.

Packing corrugated box size-700x180x540 mm.

The total weight of the unit is 14 kg.

Age category from 3 years

           Children’s desktop Owlet – designed for children aged 3 to 10 years.

       It’s made of durable environmentally friendly wood with the highest safety standards.

• easily folded;

• adjustable seat height and table tops;

• adjustable angle for easy desktop baby sessions and develop correct posture;

• comfortable and spacious drawer for books, albums, and pencils.

            It is solid construction, made from quality wood. The product doesn't have sharp edges and it is safe for the child. The surface is pleasant to the touch.

            The desk has a folding and adjustable (0 or 8) surface with convenient access to the storage box - 560h360h50 mm. The Ukrainian and English alphabet, a multiplication plate and images of geometric shapes are depicted on the surface of the table. There is a special hollow for pens and pencils.

            The desk is quickly assembled and disassembled, simply adjustable, has a durable design. It suits into any interior of the apartment.