children's table #1

children's table

SKU 04-020
children's table #1

Material - wood beech

Print - Laser drawing (Ukrainian and English alphabet, multiplication table, geometric shapes).

The coating is a mixture of natural oils and waxes.

The desktop size is 550x550 mm. The height from the floor is 460 mm.

Products in disassembled form.

Stretch film packing size 550x550x50 mm.

The total weight of the unit is 6.5 kg.

Age category 2-5 years

A sturdy and stable wooden table made easy, with no sharp corners. When you buy a table, you give the baby his own personal space. The table of the table is informatively filled up so that it is better to adapt the baby to school age. The table can be used both for game and for feeding. For collective use it is possible to complete a chair with Woodick or Bear.