About us

The tree is a gift of nature that we turn to convert into the kingdom of children's dreams. In 2014 originated the idea of creation a production of children's goods with the use of natural, environmentally friendly and renewable resources. On this place best suited wood. Through hard work and enthusiasm has been created ArInWOOD team with a full production cycle on their own equipment.

How it all happen?

Provision of raw materials produced with environmentally friendly Carpathian regions, by procurement of forest enterprises hardwood boards, including beech. Later board is passing series of natural and forced drying, getting to the shop for processing linear pieces, which in turn transferred to the further processing of sawing, milling, drilling, grinding, printing, burning, coloration and so on. It should be noted that all aids which used are safety for health, varnishes and water-based paints, beeswax, oil, natural dyes from the bark of trees. The final link in the production process is the packaging and labeling.

The whole process command creation directed to the object utility toys for child development, a sense of the natural beauty of forms and materials, learning to think logically, acquisition of spatial imagination, patience and persistence education. ArInWOOD wish your children to live in a world of natural beauty experiences.

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